How do I manually add Husky-BW/Husky-Color printers on a off-domain Linux machine?

  1. Download the Linux papercut client and extract; client is available here: You can also install departmental printers after you install the latest PaperCut client.
  2. Go to https://localhost:631
    CUPS 2.2.4
  3. Click Add Printer.
  4. Type in the username and password for your computer.
  5. Select the LPD/LPR Host or printer and click Continue.
    add printer linux
  6. In the connection field type: lpd:// and click Continue.
    add printer connection
  7. Fill in the Name field as: Husky-BW and click Continue.
    name field
  8. Click Choose File and navigate to where you extracted the archive.
  9. Go to: mtu-printing/printing/drivers/ and select husky-bw.ppd, then click Open.
  10. Click Add Printer, then click Set Default Options.
    set printer options


Repeat these steps for husky-color EXCEPT:

  • Change the connection field to: lpd://
  • Change the PPD file to: husky-color.ppd

To run the Papercut client in your Terminal, go to the location where you extracted the archive and: cd to mtu-printing/printing/papercut. Then run bash ./

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