How do I connect to DSL in the Daniell Heights apartments?

Connecting to DSL in the Daniell Heights Apartments
Resnet is included in the room fees for residents living in the Daniell Heights. Upon move in, an interactive sign-up process will be presented in a web browser upon the first attempt to access the internet.
1. Connect an Ethernet patch cable to one of the 4 yellow ports on the modem located in your apartment. The modem will be mounted on the wall in your bedroom or living room.
2. Connect the other end of the cable into your computer's Ethernet card. Most new desktop and laptop computers already have these built in. Refer to the documentation for your computer to locate this.
3. Open a web browser. You should automatically be directed to the sign-in page. Login with your Michigan Tech username and password. This is the same username and password you use for Husky Hub or  your Michigan Tech email. Please take the time to read and understand Michigan Tech computer policies before continuing.
4. You have now finished registering your computer. Your connection should be active immediately.
Service to Daniell Heights is provided using DSL modems. DSL modems share the same wires as the phone to connect to the internet, however phone service is not required to connect to Resnet. The DSL modem that is mounted in your room must remain in your apartment at all times.