How do I register a device with ClearPass?

NOTE: If you are trying to use your wired Resnet connection with a new, unregistered device, you must use a wireless device or a device that’s already been registered with ClearPass to register your new device. You must have a device that is already online to bring your new device online.


How to register a device in ClearPass:

1.       Navigate to in a web browser.

2.       Use your ISO credentials to sign in:


3.      Click on “Create Device”



4. Input a friendly name for your device. Select the type of device you’re using. Enter the MAC address of your device. (How to find your MAC address). If you are on the wireless, enable AirGroup for your device. Optionally, share your device with your roommate and/or friends by adding their usernames under “Shared With.” Separate multiple usernames with commas.


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