How do I register a device on the Michigan Tech wired network or MichiganTechOpen wireless network?

  1. Setup your device with ClearPass and decide with whom to share access.
  2. Go to:
  3. Login with your ISO username/password.
  4. Click “Create Device.”
  5. Enter Device name, pick a type, enter the MAC address, and check “Enable AirGroup.”
  6. In the Shared With box, enter a comma-separated list of USERIDs with whom you want to share your device.  You do not need to share your device to yourself.
  7. Click Create Device.

To later modify your access list, you can manage your devices and use the edit option to update your access list.

To broadcast to your device, the sending device (e.g., an iPhone) needs to be on the MichiganTech or MichiganTechOpen wireless networks and associated with your user ID or one of the user IDs to which you’ve shared the device.


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