How do I use the Zoom app?

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The Zoom app can be downloaded by running any meeting from the website. Go to and sign in with your ISO account. You only need to enter your username, do not put after your username. Once logged in you can run a scheduled meeting or start a meeting which will prompt you to download the app. This does not require administrator privileges to install and can be installed by any user. If you are logged out and it asks you to log in select "SSO" from the right hand side.

Once you click here it will ask you for a domain name. Enter "michigantech" and click Continue.


This will bring you to the sign in page where you enter your username and password as you would with the website. Once this is done you will be logged into the Zoom app.


From the app you can start a meeting with the two start buttons at the top or join in to a previously scheduled meeting with the join button in the middle. You can also schedule a meeting through the schedule button in the middle. Any of your previously scheduled meetings in the Meetings tab in the bottom.

Hover over the meetings with your mouse to bring up options to Start, Edit, Delete or Copy the information from the meeting. Any meetings scheduled through the website or the app will be found here.

If you have any questions or issues please contact User Services at (906) 487-1111 or