How do I add Zoom calendar plug-ins?

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Zoom has plugins available for Google Calendar to be used in either Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to easily schedule any meeting to be a Zoom meeting. There are links available for Chrome and Firefox in the My Meetings tab after logging in to your Zoom account or available down below. These extensions do not require administrator access or IT to install them for you, you can add them to your browser at any time. Once added to your browser sign in to your Zoom account through After signing in, make sure to refresh your Google Calendar page. You will now be able to make any meeting you schedule a Zoom meeting simply by clicking the blue button labeled "Make it a Zoom meeting." If you receive an error saying that it is unable to authenticate to your account, sign out of your Zoom account then sign back in and refresh your Google Calendar page. If you have any issues contact User Services at (906) 487-1111 or

Link to extension for Google Chrome

Link to add-on for Mozilla Firefox