How do I launch and use Zoom?

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Go to and sign in with your ISO account. You only need to enter your username, do not put after your username.

Select Host a Meeting from the top right or start on of your scheduled meetings fro, the My Meetings tab to the left.

When you click the “Host a Meeting” button or click “Start” next to a meeting you have previously scheduled, it may prompt you for a download.  If this comes up, download and save the Zoom launcher and run the program.

Running a Meeting

When you start Zoom, you will see several options on the bottom of the screen.  The two buttons to the left serve as toggles for your web camera and microphone, and allow you to turn them on or off.  If the button is crossed out, you are sharing that feature. A microphone with a green bouncing bar when you speak means the participants can hear you. A green web camera means participants can see you.

The arrows next to the microphone and web camera will allow you to select a microphone or speaker if you have multiple connected or a different web camera if you have multiple connected.

The buttons in the middle of the window each have their own function. The Invite button will bring up a window that has all the information for the meeting currently running that you can copy and paste into an email to allow other participants to join in to the session. Manage Participants will allow you to see who is connected to a session and what their role is. This is also where you can make any attendee a presenter by right-clicking on their name and choosing "Make presenter". Screen share will allow you to select a program or monitor that you would like to show the participants. Chat will allow you to chat with the group or with individuals in the session. Record gives you the ability to record the session for later viewing. You have the option to record locally or to the cloud. We recommend local recording as the storage space for recording to the cloud is very limited. Breakout Rooms will allow you to divide the participants into "sub rooms" that allow them to communicate only with each other with the ability for the host to join into any of these sub rooms to check in on them. This function is ideal for group work on an assignment or group activity in a seminar.

If you have any questions about running a Zoom session or would like assistance with running a session please contact User Services at (906) 487-1111 or