How do I launch and use GoToMeeting?

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Go to and sign in at the top-right with your GoToMeeting account.

Select Meet now or Start a Scheduled meeting.

When you click the “Meet now” button or click “Start” next to a meeting you have previously scheduled, it may prompt you for a download.  If this comes up, download and save the GoToMeeting launcher and run the program.

Running a Meeting

When you start GoToMeeting, you will see a window with several options.  The three buttons on top serve as toggle buttons, and allow you to turn the three features below each on or off.  If the button is green, you are sharing that feature.  A green microphone Audio button means that attendees can hear you, a green Screen button means that they can see your screen, and a green Webcam button means that they can see you through the webcam.



Audio has two options, “Computer audio” and “Phone call.”  If you would like to use a microphone connected to your computer or webcam, you should click the dot by “Computer audio.”

The “Sound Check” link will allow you to test your microphone and speaker settings.  A drop down box will allow you to select the proper equipment for both the microphone and speaker.  A bar will fill up as the microphone picks up sound to help you check that it is detecting audio.  A round play button by the speaker option will play music to allow you to check which speaker is selected and test the audio level.

Alternatively, you can connect with a regular phone by clicking the dot next to “Phone call” and following the prompts.


Underneath the Start sharing my: menu, you can choose what part of your screen to share.  You can share an entire monitor, an entire monitor without icons or the Taskbar (bar at the bottom of the screen with programs on it), or a single program.  Please note that if you are sharing a PowerPoint presentation, you should share the entire screen that the presentation will be showing on.  The GoToMeeting program itself will not appear on any attendees’ screens. 

From the Screen tab, you can set someone else as the “presenter” under the Change Presenter to: menu.  This way, you can invite someone who does not have a GoToMeeting account to share their screen and/or slides, but you will remain the “organizer”.  This can be useful when hosting conferences with third-party representatives or presenters who would like to share information.  As the organizer, you will be able to remove presenter privilege and give it to someone else, or back to yourself at any time.  Only the presenter will have access to all of these features, but the organizer will always have the option to change who the presenter is.

Finally, the presenter can share their keyboard and mouse with attendees, or a single attendee.  


The webcam menu simply allows you to choose which webcam of the webcams available to the computer to use with GoToMeeting.  Some rooms on campus require a piece of software called “ManyCam” to be running.  In such cases, “ManyCam Virtual Webcam” will appear as an option when choosing cameras.  To use these cameras, you will need to start the ManyCam software and control the aiming and zoom of the camera with the Crestron control panel.