How do I schedule or start a GoToMeeting?

  1. Go to and sign in at the top-right with your GoToMeeting account. From this screen, you can schedule a meeting for a future date/time. It will also reserve a “Meeting ID” for you to send to whomever you would like to join the GoToMeeting session (up to 25 participants, not including yourself).
  2. Click on “Schedule a meeting" and the following window will pop:
  3. You can enter a title, date, and length on the first screen for a meeting that only occurs once.  The length is not a limit.  In our example meeting, the meeting won’t automatically end 60 minutes after 12:00 PM.  However, the meeting will not be available to start after 1:00 PM and will disappear from the main GoToMeeting menu. 

    If you would like to reserve a meeting that reoccurs and/or has a flexible starting time, you can click the down arrow on the “Occurs once” line and select “Occurs multiple times.”

    You will want to use the defaults with one exception: you can change the country for the long distance number by clicking the “Edit” link near “Long distance number for: United States," so that if VoIP is not an option for someone attending, they may use a regular phone to connect to audio.  GoToMeeting handles all of the VoIP, so conversation between people on computers and phones is seamless.  For attendees to see video, they will need to join from a computer as well. 

    Co-organizers will require their own GoToMeeting accounts.  Co-organizers are able to start the meeting and conduct the same functions as an Organizer. 

    Select the Require a meeting password checkbox if you would like users to enter a password to join your meeting. Note: this will not automatically generate a password; you will need to do this in the next step.

    When you start a meeting with a password enabled, it will then prompt you to set a password.

To start a Meeting now

Click the Meet Now button from the My Meetings tab.

When you click the “Meet now” button or click “Start” next to a meeting you have previously scheduled, it may prompt you for a download. If so, download and save the GoToMeeting launcher and run the program.

From there you will Launch and Use GoToMeeting.

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