What are the GoToMeeting roles?

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In a GoToMeeting session, you can be an Organizer, Presenter, or Attendee.

Your Michigan Technological University GoToMeeting account is an Organizer account.  This allows you to create, start, and control meetings.  By default, you are also the Presenter.

The Presenter is the meeting role that allows you to share your screen.  The Presenter also has access to and control over the drawing tools for highlighting, writing, and using a spotlight/laser pointer marker in screen sharing.  By default, the Organizer is the Presenter, but the Organizer can designate an alternate Presenter.

The attendees are anyone else in the GoToMeeting session.  Attendees will only be able to share audio and video, unless the Presenter makes the drawing tools available to attendees.  By default, both webcam and audio are turned off.  The Organizer can request that you share your webcam, but it will not turn on until you approve it.  The Organizer cannot un-mute you if you have selected to mute yourself, but they can mute your audio and turn off your webcam.