How can I get assistance with video conferencing?

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Need to set up a virtual meeting? Michigan Tech uses GoToMeeting, an intuitive, easy-to-use collaboration tool that combines audio, video, screen sharing, and chat features for Michigan Tech’s faculty and staff; graduate students may also use this for their thesis defense. GoToMeeting lets you create a private conference room with up to 25 participants. Meetings can be set up from anywhere and scheduled in advance; you can join in from your Mac, PC, Chromebook, or mobile device. There is also an option to record meetings and have them available for viewing at a later time.

If you’d like to use GoToMeeting for your next video conference, we’d love to get you set up and walk you through all the steps. We require a consultation/test a minimum of 3 business days prior to your event to ensure appropriate staffing and scheduling of equipment.

Email us at or call 7-1111.