How to install GoToMeeting in Google Calendar?

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Install GoToMeeting in Google Calendar

The GoToMeeting Extension for Google Calendar allows you to schedule and update meetings directly from your Google calendar in a Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser, or even on a mobile device. You can email meeting invitations and updates directly to attendees. The GoToMeeting Extension for supports both GoToMeeting and GoToMeeting Free.

To see documentation on scheduling meetings, see Schedule a meeting with the GoToMeeting Google Calendar Extension.

Note: If you have already installed earlier versions of the extension, it is updated automatically to use the latest version of the extension when you relaunch your browser.

Install GoToMeeting Google Calendar extension for Chrome

1. Go to the GoToMeeting Google Calendar extension in the Chrome Store.

2. Click the +Free button next to “GoToMeeting Extension for Google Calendar"

3. In the Confirm New Extension dialog, click Add.

4. The extension is installed automatically and ready to use. To double-check, go toChrome Tools | Extensions and make sure it is listed and checked as Enabled.

1.Go to the Mozilla Add-Ons store. Search for GoToMeeting.

2. Click the Add to Firefox button on the GoToMeeting Extension for Google Calendar. (The button appears when you move a cursor over the location.)


3. Choose Install Now at the trusted author warning.

The extension is ready for use!