What do I do to if my HuskyCard is damaged, lost or stolen?

What do I do if my HuskyCard was lost or stolen?:

  • Use the Report your Lost Card tool to deactivate your HuskyCarreport lost/found cardd card services account immediately.  You can also contact IT during regular university business hours. You can use the same tool to reactivate your account if you find it or get a replacement. You can also use the same tool to Report Found Card to reactivate your account.
  • You can check transaction history on your HuskyCard to see the last place you used it.
  • Someone may have found and turned in your HuskyCard to Public Safety.

What do I do if I find my HuskyCard or get a replacement?:

Use the Report Found Card tool to reactivate your HuskyCard card services account.

Where can I get a replacement?:

Please visit the Library and IT Service Centervalid government-issued photo ID or your previous HuskyCard is still required to obtain a replacement. 

How much does a replacement cost?:

There is a $15 replacement fee for damaged, lost or stolen HuskyCards (or if you left it at home on break). 

Can I order a replacement ahead of time?:

Please visit the Library and IT Service Center and we can print your HuskyCard when you arrive. There is no need to order in advance.

Will my previous HuskyCard work if I get a replacement?:

If you get a replacement, your previous HuskyCard will no longer work.

What should I do if I find someone else's HuskyCard?:

Please return the HuskyCard to the Public Safety. They will contact the HuskyCard owner to pick up the card.

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