How do I submit my HuskyCard photo?

Your HuskyCard is your official Michigan Tech photo identification card. For your convenience, you can submit a photo for your HuskyCard before you come to campus.

Photo Guidelines

Choose an in-focus, well-lit, recent portrait headshot—head and shoulders facing forward—that reflects your current physical appearance. Head coverings, e.g. hats or scarves, are not allowed unless worn for religious reasons. Sunglasses are not allowed. Use an image editing program to adjust the photo width to 350px–365px and height to 480px–500px. Save it as a JPG (.jpg or .jpeg).

Don’t have an image editing program? Pic Resize ( is a free option. A video tutorial on how to use the software is at: Edit your HuskyCard photo with

Once you have your photo ready, log in to MyMichiganTech and click on HuskyCard Photo Upload. A video tutorial on how to use the software is at: How to upload your HuskyCard photo to MyMichiganTech. You will receive an email when a staff member reviews your photo.

BlizzardPhoto template


What if my photo or preferred name was not approved?

You can view the reason that your photo/preferred name was not approved by logging into MyMichiganTech and following the instructions below.

  1. Login to MyMichiganTech.
  2. Click HuskyCard Photo Upload.
  3. Click Upload your HuskyCard photo now. 
  4. View the reason(s) the photo was not approved.

How do I resubmit my photo or preferred first name?

You can resubmit your photo AFTER making corrections. If you still have difficulties, we can simply take your photo when you arrive on campus. We do not accept photos via email nor in-person.

  1. Please adjust the HuskyCard photo to comply with the guidelines. 
  2. Login to MyMichiganTechClick HuskyCard Photo Upload. 
  3. Click Start Over to resubmit your HuskyCard photo or Preferred First Name.

Can I submit a different photo after one has been approved?

You will not be able to submit another photo once one has been approved.

Can I get another HuskyCard with a new photo?

Your first HuskyCard is complimentary. Replacement HuskyCards cost $15.