Why is my HuskyCard not working?

Possible Reasons:

Are you not an actively enrolled student or are you not a currently employed staff or faculty?

  • Only actively enrolled students or current employees will have an active HuskyCard. Upon leaving the university, the HuskyCard will be deactivated.
  • If you are a newly-admitted student, have you paid all tuition, fees and other payments to the university? Have you finished all items on your checklist?  Please check with the Registrar if you have any questions on your status.

Are you not able to access a door with your HuskyCard?

  • You will only be able to access certain doors during set times for which you have permission. Request access, if needed, from an authorized requester for the door. 
  • Are you tapping repeatedly in a short amount of time? Please allow at least eight seconds before trying to tap your HuskyCard on the card reader again.
  • What happens when you tap or swipe your HuskyCard? Does a red or green light come on?  Does a light come on but the door doesn't open? Note the day and time. 

Are you not able to access the SDC facilities with your HuskyCard?

  • Students - You will need to be an actively enrolled student. Michigan Tech students have access to SDC facilities through student fees.
  • Non-Students - Non-students will need to purchase a membership to access the facilities.

Are you having issues with accessing your student Experience Tech Benefits (students only) with your HuskyCard?

Are you not able to get a meal nor purchase items on-campus?

  • You need to have an active meal plan with enough meals or a balance to purchase items. Check your balances or add meals or value to your HuskyCard. 
  • You need at least a $3.00 balance on Express Cash or Dining Dollars if you would like to make a purchase at the vending machines on campus.

Are you getting a report that your HuskyCard has been lost?

  • Did you receive a replacement HuskyCard and are trying to use a previous one that you had lost? Only one HuskyCard can be active on your account.
  • Did you report your HuskyCard as lost using the Report Lost Card feature? You can Report Found Card in the same way to reactivate it.

Is your HuskyCard physically damaged?

  • Please refrain from punching holes in or causing other damage to your HuskyCard. Keep it in a holder when not in use. We provide these at the IT Service Center.
  • Please keep your HuskyCard away from any inductive devices, such as a wireless phone charger. 
  • If your HuskyCard has been physically damaged, you may need a replacement HuskyCard for a $15 fee. 

Contact IT:

Please contact IT for further help investigating possible reasons your HuskyCard is not working for you. You can start with a call to 906-487-1111 during university business hours.


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