What is a Top Dog meal plan?

Top Dog Meal Plan:

One option that is available for departments, students, staff, and faculty, without an unlimited meal plan nor block meal plan, is the Top Dog Meal Plan. 

What is it and where can I use it?:

When you add Top Dog Express to your HuskyCard or Department Meal Card, you are purchasing a set number of entries into one of the three Dining Halls - DHH, McNair, or Wadsworth with all-you-can-eat, buffet-style dining.

Who is Eligible?:

Faculty or staff with an active HuskyCard, students living in Hillside with an active HuskyCard, students, staff, and faculty that do not have an active HuskyCard, department use.

How do I purchase Top Dog meals?:

How much do Top Dog meals cost?:

           For current prices please visit the Dining Services Web sitehttp://www.mtu.edu/dining/about/meal-plans/all/

Do they expire?:

Top Dog meals do not expire.

Can I get a refund?:

  • Students, Staff or Faculty: We only issue refunds if you are permanently leaving the University, since the meals do not expire.
  • Department Meal Cards: Top Dog meals are non-refundable.

Top Dog Meal Refunds:

You can request a full refund check of your Express Cash account or Top Dog Meals account by sending an email to it-help@mtu.edu. Our Business team will send the check to the provided address, which will take approximately 2-3 weeks for you to receive. Department Meal Cards are not eligible for refunds.
Refund Instructions
  • Verify that you are permanently leaving the university
  • Please send from your MTU email account; include your M# in the request
  • Please include an address to which IT will send the check
Refund Fees
  • There are no fees to process the refund

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