How can parents, guests or Visiting Scholars add value or meals to a HuskyCard?

Guests' Online System:

Pay with credit card through the Guests' Online System

  1. Visit the Guest's Online System.
  2. Enter the cardholder's first name, last name, and M-number.
  3. Verify the cardholder's name on the screen.
  4. Select Express Cash or Top Dog Express.
  5. Choose Add Funds to this Account.
  6. Add the funds.
  7. Logout.

Cardholders can pay via credit card, cash or check.

What about other meal plans or options?:

Find out more about Unlimited Meal Plans, Dining Dollars, Block Meal Plans, Individual Meal Passes or Guest Meals from Dining Services.

Parent's Online Portal

Logged in as Parent

Express Cash

Top Dog express - Add funds

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