How do I get door access with my HuskyCard?

Check your Door Access:

During normal business hours, most academic and office building doors are unlocked. Only actively enrolled students or current employees will have an active HuskyCard, so your door access is determined by your role at the university. To view a list of all campus buildings and spaces you have access to:

  1. Visit the Card Services website at
  2. Log in using your ISO username and password
  3. Click My Current Access in the left-hand menu
Building and Room Access Requests:
Only individuals who have an ongoing need for access to University buildings after normal working hours, are eligible for exterior door accessibility using their Husky Card. Authorized department personnel can request building and room card access by emailing  HuskyCards are not to be loaned or transferred. Please contact Public Safety for more questions about building and door access.

If you need additional access please have an authorized requester* email IT at
Please make sure they include your:

  • Full name
  • Username or M#
  • Patron group/building and room
  • Both the start and end date of the access

*An authorized requester is authorized to grant access for that particular Patron group/building and room, such as the departmental coordinator, an advisor, a supervisor or the manager of the room/building you are trying to access. Students are not authorized requesters.

Library Access:

When the library is closed, enrolled students, faculty or staff can enter the library through the west side entrance by swiping their HuskyCard. Our 24/7 access is available 364 days/year with the exception of the Wednesday night of Winter Carnival. For more information, please visit

Request Additional Access to the Library

For additional access to the Library, please contact:

Mia Kemppainen or Laurie Stark

Do J-1 Scholars get SDC access?:

J-1 scholars will need to purchase an SDC membership to get SDC access.