How do I set home drive permissions in Linux?

IT recommends that your home drive be set to 700 (or rwx------).  By default this is how we create your home directory.  The reason for this is that some programs create standard directories within your home directory with permissions that allow users other than the owner of the home directory to traverse or read files.
For example, the Downloads folder and it's contents in your home drive may be set to 755 (rwxr-xr-x).  Downloads is commonly created by Chrome or another web browser.  Say you download a copy of your homework, grades, or other important document and they are stored in the Downloads folder.  If your home directory is permed 711 (rwx--x--x) another user in the system could cd into your Downloads folder and read a copy of these important personal documents.
If you do not issue any chmod commands in Linux, your home directory is already set correctly. To verify you can issue this command:
ls -ld ~
Review the output for permissions.  The permissions listed in the first column will be drwx------. when permed the way we default them.
To change your home drives root permission issue this command:
chmod 700 ~