Can I restore a file from a previous version?

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Most network storage is backed up daily.

H:\ drive (your home directory) and M:\ drives (shared network repositories) are backed up daily.

Backups of the last 14 days can be retrieved by following these steps from a Windows PC that is on domain or has the network drive mounted.


  1. Select Start Menu and click Computer.
  2. Select the desired network drive and click Properties.  Alternately right click the drive and select Properties.
  3. From the Properties window select the Previous Versions tab.
  4. From here select the date of the backup you are looking for and then click Open.
  5. This opens an explorer window with previous versions of the files and directories.
  6. Simply copy and paste or drag and drop files/directories to another location to restore these files.

For information on how to restore/access snapshots via an on domain Red Hat Linux computer, please click here.