How do I connect to the VPN in Linux?

Installation Instructions

Login to with your ISO credentials using any web browser.


Click Standalone VPN Client


NOTE: This only works if your browser sets the User-Agent HTTP header to a string F5 expects. You can manually download it by going to <> after logging in.


From a terminal perform the following:


mkdir linux_sslvpn


tar -xf linux_sslvpn.tgz --directory linux_sslvpn


NOTE: You must have root privileges for this next part. This can be accomplished using sudo or su. 

bash linux_sslvpn/




Usage Instructions 

 NOTE: The VPN does not disconnect automatically upon logging out. If more than one person uses your machine it is highly recommended that you disconnect when you are done using the VPN. Other users who log in after you will be able to use your VPN connection if you fail to disconnect from the VPN.


Starting the VPN

f5fpc --start --host --user YOUR_USERID -x


Stopping the VPN


f5fpc --stop


Check the Status of the VPN

f5fpc –info


For instructions on how to connect to the VPN on a Mac, please visit:
For instructions on how to connect to the VPN on a Windows PC, please visit:

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