How do I submit a LiveText assignment?

About LiveText

LiveText assessment technology is being piloted for several projects across campus this year in preparation for a full integration next year.
Pilot projects include General Education assessment for selected courses, an e-portfolio for Mechanical Engineering Practice Courses and degree program annual reports.

For General Education assessment, first year students enrolled in UN1015 Composition and all students enrolled in Dr. Blair’s and Dr. Robin’s sections of UN1025 Global Issues will upload two assignments to the LiveText system through special Canvas-to-LiveText assignment link.

Example description of a LiveText upload:


Overview of STEPS in this tutorial:

  • Step A: Complete Your LiveText Account Registration

  • Step B: Link your Canvas and LiveText accounts

  • Step C: Submit Your LiveText Assignment


  • You will need register and setup your Canvas-to-LiveText integration for first time only. When LiveText is used for different courses in your degree program or for General Education, you will not need to set up this link.

  • Please submit student work through the Canvas link. Do not submit directly through the Livetext website.

  • LiveText grading tools will probably not be used for grading feedback. Check with your instructor.

  • Please do not include comments for instructors when you upload files to LiveText.


A: Complete Your LiveText Account Registration

Payment for your LiveText account has been arranged by the university. If you have not yet completed your LiveText account registration, look in your Michigan Tech email for an invitation to complete your LiveText registration. Follow the instructions there to create your LiveText account. NOTE: Keep track of the username and password you choose.


B: Link your Canvas and LiveText accounts

Login to Canvas and click on Assignments in the navigation menu on left. Click on the LiveText assignment in the list.

If this is your first time accessing a LiveText assignment in Canvas,  you will see the following screen. You’ll need to link your Canvas account with the LiveText account you created in Step A. Enter your LiveText username and password here.

NOTE: If you forgot your username or password, click on prompt to reset.
Select a security question, and then enter the answer and a hint.


C: Submit Your LiveText Assignment

Once you’ve linked your Canvas and LiveText accounts, you’ll automatically be connected to LiveText when you access any LiveText assignment in Canvas in the future.

Occasionally LiveText system notices will appear after you login. You can dismiss them Click here to not show this message again or click Continue.

NOTE: If you are enrolled in a combined section of UN1015 or one of the UN1025 Global Issues sections, you will see something like this. Click on Continue Assignment.


Next, you’ll see your LiveText assignment. Note where you will attach files and submit.

NOTE: Please remove your name and instructor’s name from your documents before attaching them to submit to LiveText.

Once you have submitted assignment, you will see the following screen. You will be able to withdraw and resubmit until the due date.

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