Evaluation/Trial/Demo License of Software

Evaluation/Trial/Demo Licenses of Software (referred to as “trial software” in this document):

While each EULA (End User License Agreement) will have to be evaluated individually, in general, the following will apply to most in order to comply with the EULA terms:

  • Trial software will not be installed on student lab computers
  • Trial software may be installed on a single machine for faculty, staff, and graduate students after the terms of the license are reviewed with the requestor and they have acknowledged them.

In most cases, the EULA for trial software states very clearly that it is for TRIAL or EVALUATION purposes only and may not be used for any commercial purpose. The word commercial in this sense is different than the often used distinction of academic vs commercial licenses (used in discussing pricing of licenses). In this sense, commercial indicates an installation that is being used by the organization for the accomplishment of its business. As such, using trial software for teaching, research, or administrative use would not be allowed. The intent of these licenses is for an individual to examine the software to determine if it would meet their needs for such a commercial use.

As an example, here is the wording from one software vendors trial license EULA:

Licensee agrees to use any Program provided to Licensee as a trial or evaluation only for the period of the trial evaluation which may be controlled by a license key code, only to evaluate it individually for potential purchase of a license to the Program as an end-user, to conduct no business with it, and to remove it and all result files produced from any of Licensee's computers at the end of the trial or evaluation period and to comply with all other obligations and restrictions in this Agreement.

We do recognize that every EULA is different. There are indeed some cases where trial software EULAs do permit academic uses. Also, there are cases where a faculty or staff member may obtain a specific approval from a software vendor for use of their trial version. If you have obtained such an approval, you must forward this to IT before the software can be installed.

To have trial software evaluated for use, please contact us at it-help@mtu.edu with details of the software and how you plan on using it and we will help you determine if that use is acceptable.

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