How do I get regular updates on my computer?

This applies to on-domain computers.
In response to many customers asking for regular updates to common applications, Michigan Tech IT updates applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Mozilla Firefox, and Java to its current regular system updates. This affects all Windows machines connected to the Michigan Tech network.  
These updates will occur weekly on Thursday mornings from 2:00–7:00 am to minimize disruption. This is the same time used to apply Windows Operating System patches that we have been doing already for several years.
Please close all open applications and leave your workstations powered on when you leave campus on Wednesday evening, or at a minimum, make sure to not leave important unsaved work open on your workstations. 
If you would like to opt out of the software updates, please contact IT at or 487-1111. We will accommodate to fit your schedule to ensure your machine remains updated and secure.  If you have already opted out of Operating System updates, you will automatically be opted out of application updates.