How do I install software on Red Hat Linux 7?

Faculty, Staff and Graduate Student machines running Red Hat Enterprise Linux(RHEL) 7 can install their own software using built-in tools available to them from the GUI as themselves with no need for administrative access to the machine.  The software available to you has been packaged and tested as working with the Operating System installed on your machine.
Follow these steps:
  1. Press the Windows key(super key)
  2. Begin typing “Software”
  3. Select “Software” (Note: Not “Software Updater”)Software-1.png
  4. Once open, you can navigate into different categories to find your desired software.Software-2.png
  5. Or you can search for the specific software using the search dialog box.Software-3.png
  6. Once you have selected the package you want to install, click "Install Package" as shown here:
  7. Once you have finished, click "Apply Changes".Software-5.png
  8. Once you've clicked the "Apply Change" button you will be prompted for your ISO password and the software installs will begin.

If you experience any problems during this process please let us know by sending an email to or calling us at 906-487-1111

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