How do I reset my RHEL7 Keyring?

When a user logins in for the first time after changing their password through either or by having it changed through other means they will be prompted to unlock their keyring. The keyring is a collection of components in RHEL that store secrets, passwords, keys, certificates and make them available to applications. The keyring is integrated with the user's login, so that their secret storage can be unlocked when the user logins into their session. The pop up displays because GNOME is trying to unlock the keyring with the new password when the keyring was made with the old password.

How to Reproduce

  1. On login a user will be prompted with a login like the picture below.
  2. The user has two options:
    1. Enter their old password to unlock the keyring. Upon doing so the current keyring password should automatically be updated to the current login password. OR
    2. Delete their old key ring file. (This is only needs to be done if a user doesn't know their old keyring password)


How to move the old key rings

Warning: Doing this will delete all the stored passwords in the keyring!

In the terminal copy and paste the following line and execute it.

mv ~/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring  ~/.gnome2/keyrings/login.keyring.$(date +"%Y%m%d"); mv ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring  ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring.$(date +"%Y%m%d")



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