What is pages.mtu.edu?

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Pages.mtu.edu is the site you can use to link to your personal home page.  Your homepage will be located at http://pages.mtu.edu/~username. So if your email is bob@mtu.edu, your web page can be found at http://pages.mtu.edu/~bob
How do I maintain and access my personal home page?
Windows and MacOS Users: Your web files are accessible only by visiting your Multidrive and using the “my_web_files” folder.  Files put into this directory will be written with the appropriate permissions to be accessed via the web site.
Linux/Mac Users: Your web files are accessible from /local/my_web_files/[username] when logged into a Linux login server.
All users will be able to use programs like Dreamweaver or WinSCP to have SFTP/SCP access by using the path  /local/my_web_files/[your username] on login.mtu.edu.
Your main page will need to be named "index.html".  You can link to other pages from that page, but going to http://pages.mtu.edu/~(your_username) will load the "index.html" file.  

A great tutorial on how to write a website in HTML is available from W3Schools.com below


A more advanced website can use CSS for a consistent style across all pages.  A tutorial for CSS is available below