How do I maintain my University owned Mac?

Michigan Tech IT offers a Self Service application for university-owned Macs which allows user to install available software or Michigan Tech networked printers and perform updates without needing administrative rights on the Mac.  If you do not have Self Service, please contact IT at 906-487-1111 or email to enroll your Mac.

1.       Open Self Service in Go --> Applications.

2.       Login with your ISO when the login prompt appears.

3.       Choose the function that you would like in the Categories section on the right-side of the screen:

a.       Core Applications

b.      Extra Software

c.       Printer Drivers

d.      OS X Updates/Upgrades

e.      Troubleshooting

f.        Printers

g.       Feedback

4.       Click Install and wait for the progress bar at the top of the Self Service window to complete.

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