How does the subscription for Office 365 for Students work?


  • Office365 ProPlus for PC/Mac can be installed on up to 5 devices
  • The Office Mobile App can be installed on iPhone or Android Phone
  • Any student whose primary affiliation is "student" and currently enrolled is eligible (students who are enrolled for the spring semester and the following fall semester will NOT lose access over the summer)
  • While you do not have to be online to use the software, it will periodically (about once every 30 days) "check in" with the Microsoft Office365 portal to verify that you still have a valid license.
  • Once you leave the University, your Microsoft Office365 ProPlus subscription will end.
  • You may enroll in other available consumer offers from Microsoft (­us/).

Subscription Expired

  • If the user is actively enrolled, have the user connect to the Internet and restart Office 365 to check for a valid license for Office 365. If the user is not actively enrolled, then the license will become invalid.
  • The OPS-Windows team manually sends updates to Microsoft for users who are in the student-O365 AD-ISO group and are actively enrolled. If the student is not in this group and is an actively enrolled student, contact the OPS-IDM team. The OPS-Windows team can also view the user’s installation info for Office 365.

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