How do I connect to networked printers from a Mac?


  1. Install PaperCut: 
  2. Find information about the printer you'd like to add:
    1. Open a Web browser
    2. Go to
    3. Navigate to "Manage Printers."
    4. Search for a printer by name (or partial name).
      • You can search for and add husky-bw or husky-color to print to the any of the print release stations on-campus
    5. Record the name of the printer and the printer driver. You will need it in the next step.
    • printer example
  3. Add the printer to your computer:
    1. Open System Preferences
    2. Click on “Print & Scan."
    3. Click on the “+” at the lower left corner and click “Add new printer.”
      • add printer
    4. Navigate to the "IP" tab at the top.
      • IP
    5. Enter information:
      • Address:
      • Protocol: Internet Printing Protocol – IPP
      • Queue: /printers/PRINTER-NAME (Explained in finding printer)
      • Name: Name of the printer
      • Location: Location of the printer
      • Use: Driver for the printer (Explained in finding printer)
        • Click “Select Printer Software…” and click on the model of printer (from finding printer). All of the standard printer drivers are installed on all Macs imaged by IT. If your printer driver isn’t listed, here are some links to download them:
      •  Click Add once you have filled in all of the information
    6. Click Continue when you see the error, "Unable to verify the printer on your network."
      • continue
    7. Select the features you know your printer supports, then click OK.
      • If you miss a feature or two, you should be able to print, just without the use of said features. Depending on the printer model and possible features supported, you will see a screen with a listing similar to the following image:
        • options

4. Make sure that the PaperCut client is running and you are logged into PaperCut:

  • Once the printer is added, you will be directed back to the printer queue screen. To print, the PaperCut Client must be running. Example:
    • papercut
    • If prompted by PaperCut to log in after trying to print, enter your Michigan Tech ISO username and password to send the job to the printer.

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