How do I connect to the Husky-BW printer from a personal computer (Mac/Windows)?

Printers are available for resident use in the following areas:

  • Wads Lobby (by the ATM)
  • McNair G001
  • Hillside G03A (by the pool table)
  • DHH 130 (Lobby)

Instructions on how to connect to the husky-bw queue are in the videos below:

Windows Instructions

Configuring the Husky-bw options

  1. Right click on husky-bw.
  2. Click -> Printer properties.
  3. Go to the Configuration Tab and verify these settings:

print screen shot

  • Connection: Off
  • If enabled the printer will be extremely slow, and changing preferences will take far too long.
  • Paper Trays: 6 Trays (High Capacity Feeder and Tandem Trays)
  • If proper paper trays are incorrectly selected printjobs may not use tray 6 (High Cap) first emptying other trays first making MTS have to refill paper more frequently.
  • Finisher: Office Finisher
  • If Office Finisher isn't selected features may not be available for use like stapling and hole punch.
  • Hole Punch Module: Installed

Mac Instructions

Configuring the Husky-bw options

  1. Go to Settings > Printers.
  2. Click the Husky-BW printer, then Options and Supplies.
  3. Choose the options tab.
    • Printer Trays: Pick 6 Trays
    • Hole Punch Module: Installed
    • Finisher: Office Finisher
  4. Click OK and close out of printer settings.

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