Which computer labs are reservable?

Reservable Computer Labs


The lists below represent the most current information regarding availability of reservable computer labs on campus. 


To request a room for reservation, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Need Technical Help?

If you have any questions or are having a specific problem in a computer lab, please contact us at it-help@mtu.edu or by
calling 487-1111.


Computer Labs

RoomCapacityInstructor StationsStudent StationsOSRoom Layout
CHEMSCI 10846146WindowsForward Facing
DILLMAN 10168134WindowsForward Facing
DILLMAN 203 *26126WindowsForward Facing
DILLMAN 20864132WindowsGroup Stations
DILLMAN 21148124WindowsGroup Stations
DILLMAN 21312112Windows/LinuxForward Facing
EERC 33044144WindowsForward Facing
EERC 42124124WindowsForward Facing
EERC 723 **22022Windows/LinuxForward Facing
FISHER 33028128LinuxSide Facing
MEEM 12072372WindowsFlipped
MEEM 20223123WindowsForward Facing
NOBLET 139 ***18018WindowsAd hoc
NOBLET 14624124WindowsForward Facing
REKHI 112-112A40140LinuxSide Facing
REKHI 11718118LinuxForward Facing

* Specialized software selection in these labs. Contact IT before scheduling.
** No projector in these classrooms.
*** No podium, but projector is connected to one of the lab PCs at the front of the room.


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