Can I use more than one lab computer at a time?

No, it is not permissible to use more than one lab computer at a time.  Running resource intensive processes on more than one lab computer at a time—remotely affecting system performance or any attempt to monopolize system resources or create a cluster of lab machines—will result in the offending processes being regularly killed.
Machines provided in the computer labs are there for single student use and should only be used in this manner. All lab machines need to be in a state where they can be used by any student sitting down at the local console without performance or stability issues. Simply put, lab computers are for students to sit down at and use, one system at a time.  
If a student needs remote access to a terminal on a Linux machine running the same software as available in the computer lab, Information Technology provides remote access to two servers: and Remote access information is available via normal Secure Shell (SSH) from on and off campus machines. These machines, however, are designed for students to complete coursework and are not designed to be the same as using a High Performance Computing cluster. These machines are a shared campus resource used by multiple academic units and are monitored for abuse.
If you would like information about research computing or options for high performance computing, please speak with your advisor/professor or visit
For more information, our Computer Use Policy can be found at:
  • Note the bullet points under "Individuals may not:" in the "Use of Facilities" section, specifically the "disrupt the work of other users" line.
Intentional violation of this policy will result in a referral to the Dean of Students Office and the ability to login to lab machines on campus will be disabled until the Dean of Students' process is complete.