How do I access my web files?

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Windows and MacOS Users - Your web files will be accessible only by visiting your Multidrive and using the “my_web_files” folder.  Files put into this directory will be written with the appropriate permissions to be accessed via the website

Linux/Mac Users - Your web files will be accessible from /local/my_web_files/[username] when logged into a Linux login server.

All users will be able to use programs like Dreamweaver or WinSCP to have sftp/scp access through using the path  /local/my_web_files/[your username] on the same server you had previously used.


User J.Q. Public (userid: jqpublic) could login to their department login server thru SSH/SCP, and their web files would be in /local/my_web_files/jqpublic.