What are the rules for Meet Me Telephone Conferencing?

Meet-Me Telephone Conferencing Rules


  • Two participants must be connected to the conference bridge in order for the conference to be activated. If only one participant is connected to the bridge, they will continue to get a ring no answer until another participant joins the call.
  • The maximum number of conference participants allowed on a call is 26.
  • At least one conference participant must be calling from a Michigan Tech number. That participant must stay connected to the bridge for the duration of the call; otherwise, the bridge will disconnect the conference call.


  1. Inform all participants of number/s to call and what time call is to begin.
  2. Select someone to be the call moderator.
  3. The moderator shall coordinate with another participant to call the bridge number at least five minutes before the actual conference call is scheduled to begin. Having at least two participants connected to the bridge prior to the actual start time, will prevent other participants from getting confused if they receive the ring no answer.
  4. Wait for all scheduled participants to call in. A brief tone will be heard when any new caller enters the conference. The moderator shall introduce him/herself to the new callers and ask for the name of the caller.
  5. When all participants are connected, the moderator will:
    • Introduce him/herself again as the call moderator.
    • Take a quick roll call to be sure all participants are connected.
    • Inform the participants to be polite, speak in order, and let the moderator control the call unless control is handed off to another participant.
    • Begin the conference.

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