What is Meet Me Telephone Conferencing?

Audio conferences with many people from all over

Michigan Tech has a contract with the AT&T Conference Bridge Service to provide audio conferencing capabilities to all staff, faculty, and students. The University's Meet-Me Telephone Conferencing service allows as many as 26 people from various locales to connect with each other through a single conference call.

When you schedule your conference call through IT, you will be provided a designated local and/or toll free (888) telephone number for your participants to use when calling into the 26 port conference bridge. The call can be made using any type of phone, which means that you do not need to utilize a special conference phone to gain access to this service.

If you want to use this service, you must schedule the Meet-Me Telephone Conference through IT Help at least 48 hours in advance.

How it works

You will provide your participants with the designated phone number and time of the conference. When the first person calls into the conference bridge, it will continue to ring until the second person calls in and the two are connected. Each additional person that calls in will be automatically added to the conference, while those that have already joined the conference will hear a tone to indicate that another person has been added. The conference participants will also hear a tone whenever a participant chooses to leave the conference.

Please also read the Meet-Me Telephone Conferencing Service rules and procedures.


There is a $15.00 service fee for each conference as well as a 15 cents per minute usage charge for each attendee that calls the toll free (888) number. Please note that the toll free (888) access is only available to those calling from within the US, Canada and Mexico.


You have scheduled a 30-minute conference call with ten people, where six will be calling locally, two will be calling from California, and two will be calling from Detroit. Your costs would be calculated as follows:

Meet-Me Telephone Conference Rate Example

One-time charge$15.00
800 access CA - (2)(30)(.15)$9.00
800 access MI - (2)(30}(.15)$9.00

How to Order the Meet-Me Telephone Conferencing Service

If you want to use this service you must submit your request at least 48 hours in advance of the conference call by sending an email request to telcom-request@mtu.edu.

Be sure to use "Meet-Me Telephone Conferencing Request" as your subject and include the following information in the body of your email:

  • Your name
  • Your Tech ID number
  • The date you are requesting the service
  • The time the conference call is to start
  • Your department account number (if applicable)
  • Whether or not you will need an 800 number in addition to the local number
  • Whether or not you will need to rent an audio conference unit for this conference call
  • Any other relevant information that you wish to include in your request

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