How do I move a University desk phone?

If you need to move a phone, please send an email to detailing:

  • The phone number to be moved
  • The building and room where you'd like the phone moved.

There are several things to consider when moving a physical phone:

  • There should be no issues if you are moving the phone within the same department.
  • If you are moving a phone to another department, if you will need to replace that phone in your department, you would need to pay for a new phone (one time cost of ~$300).
  • If you are interested in moving the phone number only, you can do that and get a new number for the phone that is remaining at no cost.

It is important to specify if you want the physical phone moved or just the number.  Because there is a cost to add a new phone, please consider talking to your departmental budget person so they fully understand the costs involved (if any).

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