How do I connect to my office PC on an iPhone using a VPN connection?

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  1. Download F5 Big-IP Edge Client from the Apple App Store.

  2. Click the Configuration arrow and select Add Configuration.
  3. Enter the following:
    Description: MTU
    Turn on Web Logon

  4. Sign in with your ISO username and password.

  5. Select Connect. You will see your current uptime and see a VPN logo in the top bar of your device.

  6. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Apple App store and launch the app.

  7. Click the plus icon in the top right corner, you will see a Create connection screen.

  8. Type your computer’s host name into PC name, e.g.,

  9. Click User Name and add MTU\YourISOUsername for the username and your ISO password, then click Save.

  10. Click Save again on the Create Connection screen and you will see your connection under My Desktops, select it to connect.

  11. You are now connected! When you want to end the connection, swipe from the left and hit the X on your connection to disconnect. Open the F5 App again and click Disconnect to disconnect your VPN connection.