How do I check voicemail on my office phone from home or off-campus?

Accessing your voice mail from an off-campus telephone

a.        Dial your full campus phone number (i.e. 906-487-1111)

§  Once you have reached the voice mail system, you will hear your personal recording: 

b.       Press the * key as soon as you hear your personal greeting. 

c.        Enter your pass code when prompted. 

§  Note: if you have requested voice mail, and have not already set up a personalized voice mail pass code, the default password is blank and it will prompt you to set your pass code the first time you try to access your mailbox.

Also, if you have not yet activated your account, you will need to complete the user tutorial before you can use the voice mail system. Please see Getting Started with Michigan Tech Voice Mail for instructions on activating your account. 

d.       Follow the voice mail instructions to play your messages and/or access the user tutorial.


Accessing your voice mail from your own extension or from another campus extension


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