What are some good password tips?

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Passwords have become an essential and critical part of our daily lives. A secure password is the first step in securing your safety online.Is your password secure? Here are some password tips:

  • Don’t use one password for every site.Many of us use the same password for multiple sites, but it is best to use unique passwords for every site you visit.

  • Change your password(s) on a regular basis.Michigan Tech IT recommends that you change your passwords as often as you can.

  • The longer the password the better. To create a strong password, try linking words that have meaning to you and are easy to remember.

  • Try to use a password manager. Example: LastPass

If you are worried that you might forget your Michigan Tech ISO password, remember that you can manage this password by updating your mobile number at mylogin.mtu.edu. Read here to learn more about password management.

If you have any questions about mylogin.mtu.edu or about changing your password, please contact us at it-help@mtu.edu or call 7-1111.