How do I manage Sympa message archives?

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Do email lists have an archive of messages?

The new list service keeps archives of messages sent to lists. These are helpful in several ways. List members do not need to retain copies of list messages in a folder because they can refer to archives whenever needed. If a person is on vacation, they can choose to stop receiving list mail but still skim through a given list's archive to see what they missed.

What is a "no mail" list member?

A person with an email address can be a member of a given list but change their Reception setting to no mail. They will no longer receive mail from the list. But because they are a list member, they can log in to and read all the postings from the list archive.

The owner can change members by picking Manage Subscribers and then the specific member you want to change. Under the receiving mode down arrow select "no mail (useful for vacations)."

Can the owner remove postings from the list archive?

Yes, the list owner can manage the archives, including deleting messages. This is useful to clear out any obsolete or unsuitable postings. Archive from the left menu and you will see a display of archived messages. To remove any message(s), check the box and click Tag messages for deletion.

Can the archives be concealed?

Yes, change the access rights to "closed." The list members will no longer see the Archives. To change the visibility settings, pick Admin and then Edit List Config and then Archive.

You can change who can see the archive messages and how often messages get archived. In the Web archive box click on the "Access Rights" down arrow and change to whatever status you want. To block all messages from list members, change to "Closed". All emails will still be placed in the archive but the archives are not accessible to list subscribers other than the list owner.

The owner still has access by picking Admin and then Manage Archive. This will show all the months of archives available. You can download any month or delete any month.

Is there a limit to size the archive can grow? Is there a time limit for how long each month is retained?

Since this is a new service and list owners are just beginning the use of new list features provided, we have not yet set size or time limits for list archives.