How do I manage external members on a Sympa email list?

What are external list members?

In the sections which follow, external members are members of Michigan Tech email lists who are using any email address other than an MTU ( address. Example:

Are external list members allowed on Michigan Tech email lists?

Yes, there are many lists with external members. List managers may find it helpful to store member names along with email addresses in the membership roster.

Are there any special list owner duties relating to external list members?

Yes. A list owner with external list members is obligated to monitor the list for bounces and promptly remove (or correct) any bad addresses. Diligence here protects Michigan Tech's email servers from a bad reputation. Bounce messages should not be ignored.

Can external members log into the Michigan Tech list server to see the list archives?

Yes, if this is wanted. Since the external member does not have an MTU ISO password he/she may obtain a guest password for the MTU list server. At this link, enter an email address and click "Send me my password."

List Service Guest Registration

The external list member will receive a password via an email message. Now the external member may log in to by using their full email address (example: and newly supplied password.

Should I encourage all external list members to get a password?

No, this is not necessary. Obtaining a password for the Michigan Tech list server is suggested for only those external list members who plan to use the list archive and/or shared documents pertaining to the group. If an external list member wishes to unsubscribe from a list, requesting a password for the Michigan Tech list server is not necessary or appropriate. The external member may unsubscribe via email, see General List FAQ. The list owner should also be willing to promptly carry out any requests to unsubscribe.

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