How do I subscribe or unsubscribe to an existing Sympa email list?

Subscribe to a list

  • One way is to send an email message to with the subscribe request in the subject. For example:

    Subject: subscribe pingpong-L Leslie Jones

    Substitue your own name for the example name shown above and substitute the list you wish to join for the sample list name above. Some lists will require the approval of the list owner. Once you are approved for the list you will receive a confirmation email.

  • If the list is open to the public and you have an Michigan Tech email address, you may log in here: and search for the list you want under the categorized List of Lists tab in the top menu. Note that only some clubs and groups list their email lists in this public listing. Click Subscribe to join the list.
  • Contact the list owner and request to be added to the list. If you know the name of the list, you can always write to the list owner at an address following this pattern: To:

Unsubscribe to a list

You can unsubscribe in many ways. Note: students registered for a course may not unsubscribe from the class list.

  1. Send an email message to with the unsubscribe request in the subject. For example: Subject: unsubscribe pingpong-L 
  2. If you have an Michigan Tech email address, you may log in here: You will see all lists to which you are subscribed. To leave any list, pick the list name and then pick Unsubscribe from the left menu.
  3. Contact the list owner to be removed from the list. See above for how to write to a list owner if you know the name of a list. We are always willing to unsubscribe someone if help is needed. Write to and explain what you need.

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