How do I set up a response templates in Google Mail?

There are instances when you want to respond to many emails with the same response or using a template to save you the time of re-typing everything.  There is a "Canned Responses" lab feature you can use for this in Gmail, using the web client.

  1. Within the web client, go to your email settings
  2. Click the "Labs" tab at the top
  3. Enable the "Canned Responses" Lab, Click Save Changes
  4. Gmail will re-load


To Create a "Canned Response"

  1. Choose to compose a new email, enter the text of the email.  You should remove your signature block from your canned response, because when you insert a canned response, it inserts above your signature block and you don't want two signature blocks in your final message when using the canned response.
  2. When you are done you press the down arrow at the bottom right of the compose window, choose Canned Responses, Then New Canned Response.
  3. Enter the name you wish to use and save the canned response

To use a "Canned Response"

  1. Go to compose a new message, or respond to an existing email
  2. Click the down arrow on the bottom right of the window, choose Canned Responses and pick the response you'd like to insert

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